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We were hired to redesign SVN | Northco's website to improve their web presence and provide a better experience for visitors.

One of the major improvements that we made was the overall mobile friendliness by ensuring that the website looked great on all devices. We also improved the integration of their property listings page by providing an interactive map with more advanced search features.


Services & Features Provided

  • Responsive Web & Mobile Friendly Designs
  • Web Development & Programming
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS)
  • Integrated Property Listings
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Northco homepage
Property listings on an iMac

Interactive Property Listings

We improved the experience of searching for property listings by adding an interactive map and more filtering options.

  • Integrated Property Listings
  • Interactive Map

Projects Worked On Management

We made it easy to add and edit projects that SVN | Northco has worked on by providing a custom content management system.

  • Custom Content Management System (CMS)
  • Add and Edit Projects
Projects Worked On
Resort, Golf & Hotel page
iPhone XR devices

Easy Browsing on Mobile Devices

We ensured that SVN | Northco's website would look great on all devices.

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Designs

A Custom Mobile Experience

We designed and animated a custom menu navigation button to match SVN | Northco's brand logo. We also added a mobile menu at the bottom of the screen to access important pages and contact SVN | Northco.

  • Custom Mobile Navigation Menu Button
  • Bottom Mobile Navigation Menu Bar
Northco website on mobile device