Commercial Real Estate Websites

Attract More Buyers & Close More Deals

We build premium Commercial Real Estate websites with our Enhanced Buildout Property Listings to ensure your brokerage stands out.

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Website Design & Development

Maximize Your Impact in Your Market

Let us build a website for you that you’ll be proud to share with prospects, clients, and fellow brokers.

  • Attract more buyers with Enhanced Property Listings
  • Elevate your brokerage by building your portfolio of Success Stories
  • Expand your audience by growing your list of Email Subscribers
  • Generate more leads by featuring your CRE Services & Specialties
  • Become an authority in your market and asset class by informing visitors with News and Industry Articles
Enhanced Buildout Integration

Better Property Listings on Your Website

Manage your property listings in Buildout and display them using our integration.

Enhanced Buildout Integration

  • Each property listing and lease space has its own page that can rank on search engines
  • Property listings can be displayed and featured anywhere on your website
  • Tailored to your brand and industry specialities
  • Track where visitors and leads are coming from
  • Know the location and demographics of visitors viewing your property listings.

Buildout's Property Plugin

  • Property listings are all rendered on the same page and are not visible on search engines
  • Property listings can only be displayed within Buildout's embedded plugins
  • Limited customization
  • Unable to track traffic or conversion metrics
  • Visitor's location and demographics are not recorded
Property Listing Reports

Impress Your Clients with Property Listing Reports

Deliver listing reports to clients with performance and marketing data. Track the progress of each property on the market.

  • Listing views, engagement, and conversions
  • Traffic sources, marketing segments, and geographic locations
  • Download PDF reports with your branding and logo
Case Studies & Projects

Build Your Portfolio of Success Stories

Easily convert closed listings into case studies with testimonials.

  • Reference information from your closed property listing
  • Include a summary, highlights, and benefits of the transaction
  • Display testimonials from the buyers and sellers
SVN Commercial Real Estate Brokers

SVN Brokers Who Use SDG

"Incredible website builders and I love how fast they make changes or add new content when I request it. Great service all around."

Bill M.
SVN Menish Commercial Real Estate

"I now spend about 1/7th of what I spent on these services, and the work is 10x better."

Frank J.
SVN Northco

"They are responsive, their design is great, and their expertise is unparalleled."

Alex P.
SVN True & True Equity Group
Branding & Specialties

Strengthen Your Brand & Specialties

Your website will be customized to fit the look and feel of your brand and the asset classes that you specialize in.

  • Custom pages for your brokerage's specialities with industry specific property listings
  • Your enhanced property listings will match your branding
  • Consistent brand colors, fonts, logos, and graphics
Traffic & Conversion Tracking

Know Which Marketing Channels Are Working

We’ll provide dashboards and monthly analytics reports to analyze the effectiveness of your brokerage's marketing efforts across all campaigns.

  • Track which sources your conversions are being acquired from
  • Advertise more efficiently by calculating the average cost for each conversion
  • Gain insights in your visitor’s demographics
Search Engine Optimization

Increase Your Visibility & Build Link Equity

Rank higher on search engines and improve the authority score of your website so more prospects can find you.

  • Indexable Property Listings that search engines will rank
  • Strategic use of targeted keywords for your services
  • Pages that load quickly, which search engines love
  • Rich Schema Code to provide context for your content
Commercial Real Estate Plan

Your CRE Plan Includes

Coverage to help you grow and and keep your website updated.

Enhanced Buildout Integration

Search-engine-friendly, trackable, and customizable property listings throughout your website.

Success Stories

We've built a workflow that makes it easy to turn your closed listings into case studies and will edit them for you.

Website Maintenance & Updates

Includes 4 Hours per month of content updates and new pages.

Analytics Reports & Dashboard

Web Analytics Dashboard, Monthly Reports, and Property Listing Reports.

Priority Technical Support

No more waiting days to hear back. We’ll promptly address technical issues related to your website.

SVN Listings Network

Feature your listings on other office's websites to improve visibility and search rankings.

AI Property Assistant

We'll help you train an AI Assistant on your property data to save you time.
Upcoming Feature

Email Marketing

Generate email campaigns to promote your enhanced property listings to your email subscribers.
Upcoming Feature

Don't Have Time to Work on a New Website?

We'll make the process quick and painless by using content from your current website if possible.

We'll Take Care of the Following:

  • Copy and embellish your verbiage to make it more keyword friendly
  • Download and optimize your photos
  • Provide and suggest additional photos, graphics, and videos
  • Add your property listings from Buildout using our integration
CRE Pricing

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New CRE Website

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$14,999 Overpriced Website

$4,999 – $5,999 estimate

We'll design and develop a mobile-friendly website built for search engines.

  • Mobile-friendly page designs and layouts
  • A modern Content Management System (CMS) powered by Webflow
  • Fast loading and search engine optimized pages
  • Lead capture and contact forms (Integrated into your CRM if possible)
  • GDPR (Data Privacy) & ADA (Accessibility) compliant pages to avoid lawsuits
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CRE Plan



An affordable monthly plan to maintain your website.

  • Enhanced Buildout Integration updating your property listings ($499/mo)
  • Web Analytics Dashboard & Property Reports ($299/mo)
  • 4 Hours per month of updates & new pages ($399/mo)
  • Priority Technical Support ($99/mo)
  • Success Stories Workflow that turns closed listings into case studies ($49/mo)
  • SVN Listings Network (Included)
  • Early Access to AI Broker Assistant & Email Marketing